Sword Drill App Reviews

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Great app....thanks

Great app.... Makes it easy to get in Gods word everyday!!!!!


I use this app everyday and it is fantastic! Easy to use and would have gladly paid for it if it wasn't free. Thanks to whoever made this app!!!

Awesome! Try this...

Perfect app to make the biblegateway mobile site much easier to navigate. Try this... In your settings, change the URL to say "http://mobile.biblega..." instead of "http://www.biblega...". It streamlines the page to text only, loads faster, and makes it easier to read. Try it! It will change your life!

Thanks so much

What a gift! This really takes me back to SS days, but with an incredible twist. The references are so helpful. You did a great service to all serious Bible students. Thank you, thank you! LG

God Bless

Great App, and it's free. Perfect for all Jesus Freaks!

Wonderful App

I already use Bible Gateway and this will certainly make it easier. Thank you brother. This is indeed quite a blessing. God bless you brother and thank you again


Ok! So I've not downloaded this app yet. But with the awesome reviews and the ruckus it caused, I have a feeling it's going to be awesome. Hehe. Anitichrist. That's classic xD I didn't actually think the fanatics would be on an Apple thing too.. Should of known.. They are everywhere xD It's funny!!! Keep posting!! *wants Amusment*

Different versions

You can read different versions by changing the address in settings. Read the info under the i.


This is just what I needed


To Foamy, go to your room, kneel and do your self a favor, ask for forgivnes from the LORD! Ok to the ap. ther is something wrong with this, bcs when I open it up it shuts down buy it's self. Please help or update. Thankyou

cant bring up the verses

I will click on a Book and type in the verse in a coventional format (such as 6:6) but the verse doesnt pop up.

I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and HE ROCKS!

So thanks for this! Blessings on your everything Mr. Dona Babcock@!


This is a great ref app...responsive and quick lookup.

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